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The astrology software that I developed for traditional methods has been moved.

My reference material is below:

I have placed my interpretations of the planets in the signs (Schmidt calls the "signs", "images" now) here on this domain as well as the interpretations of the signs themselves. Most of this material I wrote about a decade ago, and I'm in the process of updating it with Hellenistic era style delineations. You will probably notice that I have still kept the medieval era logic in place and am merely adding material, so it is up to the reader to distinguish if you consider this distinction important. Both have something important to contribute in my opinion.

One of the misconceptions that might arise is the idea that planets in signs were interpreted by Hellenistic astrologers. This was not strictly the case. What Schmidt says they did was interpret planets in the domiciles of other planets. There are philosophical reasons for this which I won't get into here. As for the images/signs, Schmidt says that they contain collections of attributes and perform as modifiers to the interpretation of planets in the domicile of other planets. For instance, if Mars was in the domicile of Jupiter, one of the interpretations might be "successful military campaigns", but if it was in an "image" that was "mute" or "cut off", it would modify the interpretation by adding these characteristics to the planetary symbolism. This is all I have to say on the subject for now, so proceed with this warning that the delineations presented here may in fact seem accurate most of the time, but it would be very misleading to think that this is an accurate presentation of Hellenistic astro-logic on the subject.

The links are in the blue road sign at left and each of the signs has links to planets in that sign.

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