Zodiac Sign Capricorn

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Capricorn the mountain goat Capricorn - Dec 21 - Jan 19: the mountain goat. Keyword: "I Do". After theorizing under Sagittarius comes the practical application of Capricorn. In contrast, the opposite place, Cancer, has to do with belonging and understanding where you are coming from. Capricorn, then, is about understanding where you are going and what you should do. Going and doing hint at Mars the planet of action, which is exalted in this place, made easy to see by the cosmic soul. The consequences of action here are immediate and strict because of this.

Saturn has made itself familiar with this sign, taking on the administration of duties for this place. Because Saturn is the highest sphere of the visible planets, it represents the pinnacle which one cannot go beyond. This restriction is symbolized by its favorite color; black, because it is in aversion (doesn't aspect or see) to both the place of light, Leo and one of the places of logos (Mercury - understanding). If you can get past the blackness, then you've "seen the light", hence its association with agnoia (ignorance). This is the more difficult of the 2 signs of Saturn because it is a very earthy and watery place [13], which is not in agreement with the sect of Saturn which needs warmth to counteract its malefic character. This is also the 12th sign from its other domicile, Aquarius ("I Know"), indicating the aversion to knowledge and the agnoia it generates. The mountaintop is a harsh, lonely place. There is often corporate status, responsibility and hard work involved for those who have Capricorn or Saturn prominent in their chart. For comparison, according to Valens:

"Those so born will be bad, of different sorts, good and simple at exposition, hardworking, full of care, sleepless, fond of laughter, planners of great works, those who make bad mistakes, fickle, mischievous, liars, culpable, shameful. [14]

If we take in the full picture, we see that it is a mixed bag of both greatness and evil. This can take many forms. It can show one who suffers at the hand of evil and who is cast out in disgrace, or it can show one who has sacrificed their own soul to gain the world, or some variation in between. There is often a fondness for the earth and agriculture present in these natives.

If the seagoat has the times for spirit, and is angular, particularly in regards to the lot of fortune, one will be engaged in practical matters that involve building secure structures and financial security and makes one successful in these when Saturn is favorably situated in the nativity. In such times one often works without notice and in obscurity, but not without impact. Often, regardless of the position, one will be obsessed with hidden and ancient matters and old secrets. Sometimes one may feel invisible, so it is usually not a time when fame can be expected. The exception to this is if Saturn should happen to be in Libra, Capricorn or Aquarius and should happen to be in the 10th sign counting from the lot of fortune, then it indicates elevation to a high rank. If Saturn is not favorably situated or contrary to the sect, then one can expect apathy, lethargy, torpors and inactivity.

When Capricorn has the times for fortune, one should pay attention to ones health in ragard to the joints, teeth, and bones as osteoporosis or arthritis may set in, particularly if this place happens to be the 6th or 8th sign counting from the lot of fortune. One will likely find ones self surrounded by a lot of history, old furniture and ancient objects from the past. This is particularly the case if this is the 3rd or 4th house, then one should find close connection to ancestors at such a time or a return to ones roots.

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