Zodiac Sign Virgo

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Virgo the virgin Virgo - Aug 23 - Sep 22: the virgin. Keyword: "I Analyze". After the performance of putting forth ones best effort that reflects ones true self, comes the time for refinement, critique, judgement and self improvement. The former (Leo) is spontaneous and creative and is relatively free from preconception, but is immature and imperfect. The latter is more perfect but may compromise the true self. While Leo is concerned with greatness and largeness, Virgo is concerned with the details. Here the will gives way to reason or "logos", which is why Mercury is the administrator for this sign. Many of the meanings attributed to Virgo come from Mercury's stewardship of this place. According to Valens:

"Those who are so born are good, modest, involved with the mysteries, full of care, those who lead a diverse life, managers of the property of others, faithful, good at domestic affairs, writers, those who are supported by speeches or calculations, hypocritical, curious, initiates into occult matters, those who spend their initial resources, but prosper in middle age." [9]

Schmidt says that the "curious" description carries an overtone of "meddlesome" in the Greek. Overall the meanings are very close to modern definitions. Virgo is often accused of being too picky, overinvolved in fault finding (hence the "hypocritical" description given above) and a compulsive worrier. Usually Virgo is considered to be a spendthrift and very tight with their resources (in contrast to Leo's generosity and extravagance). The reason for the last description is a bit puzzling, but may reflect the transition from Leo to Virgo. With Virgo, we come to the pinnacle of self realization.

If this place has the times for reputation (spirit) one is inclined toward positions of middle management (such as being a middle man) organizing the affairs between different agents. It inclines one toward practical issues that can be wide ranging from accounting, taxes, government regulatory enforcement, meter maids, store managers and clerks, etc. All these positions have in common the ability to handle logistics, mathematics and other calculations. If benefics cast their rays into this sign, it builds up the reputation and trust in partnerships during the period. Malefics being present or in superior position potentially cause accusations, the mishandling of affairs, malfeasance, and the breaking of trusts, particularly if Mars is involved in a diurnal chart, or Saturn in a nocturnal chart.

If it has the times for fortune, and if the Virgin is the 6th sign, particularly as counted from the lot of fortune, it inclines one toward nervousness and intestinal disorders unless Mercury is well situated and the benefics look upon the place or Mercury. When it is favorably situated (angular from fortune) it makes for favorable luck in gardening, floristry and in growing produce and is good luck for building anything with ones hands. When the place is cadent with the lot of exaltation it may produce a new interest in a hobby that one is personally interested in.

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9. Vettius Valens, The Anthology, Book 1, pg 13. Translated by Robert Schmidt.