Zodiac Sign Taurus

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Taurus the bull Taurus - Apr 21 - May 20: the bull. Keyword: "I Have". Taurus is solid in nature and is symbolic of the fertility of spring brought into fruition/conception (whereas Aries symbolizes the seed). It symbolizes foundations; the neck is the foundation for the head, but it is also symbolic of holdings of property and objects which have permanence. The solid quality is not necessarily in the material sense, but describes someone or something that is able to continue at length with a project without easily quitting. Solidity is persistence. By the medieval era the element of earth was ascribed to Taurus. Earth is cool and dry which describes the placid nature these natives are said too have.

In relation to the sign of Aries, which has to do with expression and awareness, Taurus is about the awareness of other things outside the self for the first time, introducing the idea of object permanence, and as a result, is a producer of wealth. It is interesting in this regard that the Moon is exalted in this place and that it is associated with Plato's "Other". The Moon also has a lot to do with fortune. Valens says, "Those born in this zoidion will be good, versed in a handicraft, hard-working, good at preserving things, pleasure loving, music loving, generous, while some of them will be husbandmen, planters, builders" [1]. The ancients say that Taurus has these qualities because it has adopted Venus as its house steward. The other signs adopt planets in the same manner.

If Taurus has the times for fortune, particularly if this happens to be the 11th sign counting from the lot of fortune and Venus or the Moon is present or the benefics cast their rays into this sign without the rays of the malefics impeding, it represents a time of increasing wealth, the accumulation of property or land and a time of erecting buildings and dwellings. This effect is the least noticible if this sign happens to be cadent (3rd, 9th, 6th or 12th house). In such cases one may be involved in charities for the benefit of others such as the Peace Corps. If Taurus is the 9th sign with Venus present, it indicates rites of purification (according to Valens) and priestly duties in the church or synagogs and the observance of religious rituals.

If Taurus is afflicted with the rays of the malefics without the testimony of the benefics, when it has the times for fortune it can indicate health troubles with the neck and throat and voice (larnyx). This is all the more likely if this place happens to be the 6th or 8th sign counting from the lot of fortune.

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1. Vettius Valens, The Anthology, Book 1, pg 9. Translated by Robert Schmidt.